Saturday, May 15, 2010

KONIN KAIKEISHI (Certified Public Accountant)

The work of KONIN KAIKEISHI (Certified Public Accountant) is to audit financial statements and to advise on tax and accounting. They can register as ZEIRISHI (Certified Public Tax Accountant) as well. In this sense, KONIN KAIKEISHI can also provide accounting services including filing of tax return.

Many Japanese laws require the companies to have audit by KONIN KAIKEISHI.

Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountant


Todd Boyle said...

As a US CPA i worked in Tokyo 1983-1997 and the most important memories of those years were, the extreme obstacles to certification of Japanese Konin Kaikeishi as well as lawyers, and the unfairness of allocation of those certifications to the upper class. Specifically the students at To-Dai were taught a lot of stuff that included almost anecdotal, historical facts which were then, magically appeared on the "exam" a few months later that could not possibly be known by the other applicants. There's more.

I taught at the NTA tax college, I think it was in Ichigaya? while working at E&Y. Anyway Here's 30 guys sitting there completely impassive, giving me the stink-eye. Total silence, no response to questions. LOL You had to be there. All they were interested in is the methods of foreign agencies evading japanese taxes. All they got was the international financial reporting standards, the IAS, the international version of GAAP. I was in my early 30s so cut me some slack.

tds said...

Hello Todd,
Thank you for sharing your memories. I hope Japanese society keeps progressing.

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