Sunday, June 6, 2010

ZEIRISHI (Certified Public Tax Accountant)

ZEIRISHI provides accounting services for individuals, companies and other legal entities. Usually, their services include representation in tax filing, preparation of tax documents, tax advice, bookkeeping, and so on.

If you are looking for someone who assists your tax filing, ZEIRISHI is the appropriate professional.

From its origin, ZEIRISHI can be divided into four kinds.

1) People who passed the Certified Public Tax Accountant examination
2) OB/OG of tax office
3) Masters who finished the postgraduate courses on accounting subjects (they are exempted from some categories of the Certified Public Tax Accountant examination. If they finish both the accounting courses and tax courses, they are exempted from all subjects of the examination.)
4) Attorney at law or Certified Tax Accountant

Of course, ZEIRISHI categorized in 1) is the most knowledgeable on tax laws.

ZEIRISHI of above 2) type is knowledgeable on the area they experienced when they were officials at the tax office, but not on other matters.

Type 3) is likely to lack the knowledge of tax laws, but some of them are successors of big accounting firms, and their offices are with a lot of experienced staff :-)

People in above 4) category are, in a way, brilliant but may lack the expertise on tax laws. I you are going to ask for litigation/contract/IPO consulting together with accounting, it may be convenient to hire them. They can offer one-stop service for that.

Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations

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