Saturday, June 19, 2010

GYOSEI-SHOSHI (Administrative Scrivener, Immigration Lawyer)

Practice areas of GYOSEI-SHOSHI focus on the business licenses and Japanese visa. For example, they will help you:

- to obtain the certificate of parking space (when you own a car in Japan, you need to have this certificate to prove that you have the parking space for the car.)
- to open a restaurant or game hall
- to start industrial-waste disposal business, scrapper, construction business or estate agency
- to obtain Japanese visas or Japanese nationality
- to draft a contract

There are a lot more business licenses they can handle.

There are so many business licenses they can handle but they are not always experts for every area. If you ask a GYOSEI-SHOSHI lawyer to get a governmental license/approval, confirm he/she is an expert for the specific business area.

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