Sunday, July 25, 2010

SHAKAIHOKEN-ROUMUSHI (Certified Social Insurance and Labour Consultant)

SHAKAIHOKEN-ROUMUSHI handles the consulting and paperwork on pension, labor and social insurance.

If they pass a certain examination, they can mediate a dispute between labor and management.

The typical issues one may need their assistance will be:

- notification to relevant authorities when a company hire/fire employees
- preparation of employment regulations
- seeking for government subsidies regarding hiring/keeping employees
- payroll calculation

If you look for SHAKAIHOKEN-ROUMUSHI, I encourage you to take note of:

- The experts on pension are rare. If you would like to have a consultancy service on pension, you should look for pension experts among SHAKAIHOKEN-ROUMUSHI's.
- If you are a owner of a business and ask only payroll calculation, it is all right to select SHAKAIHOKEN-ROUMUSHI only by their fees. But their true existential value is on the skill of solving labor-management dispute. This skill owes much on experience. I recommend you to hire good SHAKAIHOKEN-ROUMUSHI even if his fee is a little bit expensive.

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